What will it cost me to sell my motorhome?


It costs you nothing to sell your motorhome through us. We will offer you the highest market value possible for your motorhome depending on age, condition, and mileage.



How do you value my motorhome?


With over 40 years experience in the motorhome trade it is our wealth of buying experience that makes it easy to value your motorhome. For the more unusual models or damaged/damp vehicles, we consult the  Glass’s Guide (Industry recognized valuation guide) to gain an industry standard figure, the general condition and any damage and damp is taken into consideration.



Can I choose my payment method for my Motorhome?


You can choose between receiving cash on collection or instant bank transfer 



What happens if I have outstanding finance?


We will settle all outstanding finance on collection.


Do you buy Motorhomes without a current MOT?




Do you buy Motorhomes with Damp?




Do you buy American RV Motorhomes?





Frequently Asked Questions