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The one website you need on the road lists nearly 30,000 motorhome stopovers and campsites across Europe.

The Motorhome market has grown rapidly in the UK and the pub stopover is probably the fastest growing sector.

Searchforsites has you covered here to with a separate category of Motorhome Pub Stopover which is in addition to pubs that have traditional campsites attached.

All this data can be freely found on by various methods but to see all the pub stopovers in the UK you can use this link

To find all pubs with campsites you can use this link:

There are of course other sites listing similar data, but I truly believe searchforsites has far more features than any of the other sites.

-You can add reviews, photos, -add new sites, -update existing sites, -create lists of favourites, -create route lists etc.

Searchforsites motto is

"The better informed we are, the better our travels will be"

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